Barrel-Aged Addition Imperial Coffee Stout (1) 3.44

The Mountain Sun // Boulder, CO ABV: 9.5%

This coffee-infused Imperial Stout has assertive flavors of coffee and malt flavors that suggest chocolate, dark fruit and caramel, which are complemented by vanilla, oak and spicy rye flavors from aging for several months in Templeton Rye Whiskey barrels.

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Brewed By

The Mountain Sun

The Mountain Sun
Boulder, CO USA


Malts2-Row, Aromatic, Black Malt, Chocolate Malt, Coffee Malt, Extra Dark Crystal, Munich, Roasted Barley, Special B
HopsChinook, Crystal, Magnum
AdjunctsCoffee (Cold Extracted)

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On February 18, 2019, kevineoman rated this stout:
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