Here in Colorado…

Stout Month Begins!

Over two decades ago, during the dreary days of February when we yearn for winter’s hold to release and spring flowers to take hold, something fun happened. The Mountain Sun decided to create a month-long festival of stouts dubbed Stout Month! And it became apparent that Coloradans drink more than IPAs. Now, every day of every February, all the Mountain Sun pubs and breweries are jam-packed across the Front Range, tapping out kegs at lightning speed.

This website—I Love Stout Month—was created by fans with love for the Mountain Sun, its stouts, all the guest stouts, Stout Month itself, and everyone who gathers for a glass of stout in February. So, welcome. Pull up to the bar or settle in a coveted cozy booth for the 27th annual Stout Month at Mountain Sun Pubs & Breweries. Order a stout, rate a stout, enjoy, and then repeat!