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The Mountain Sun // Boulder, CO ABV: 8.3%

Former Mountain Sun brewer Scott Overdorf masterfully balanced the flavors of various malts, vanilla and oak to create an “Old World-Style” stout with barrel-aged character. The combination of smoked malt and the additions of pure vanilla extract and toasted oak spirals give the impression of a barrel-aged stout without having undergone the barrel-aging process.

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Brewed By

The Mountain Sun

The Mountain Sun
Boulder, CO USA


Malts2-Row, Beechwood Smoked Malt, Carahell, Chocolate Malt, Crystal 45L, Honey Malt, Munich, Pale Wheat, Roasted Barley, Special B
HopsFuggle, Perle
AdjunctsPure Vanilla Extract, Toaste American Oak Spirals

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