Colorado Buckeye Imperial Stout (5) 3.76

Ursula Brewery // Aurora, CO ABV: 9.2%

This is an Imperial Peanut Butter and Chocolate Stout influenced by the Ohio famous treats, Buckeyes.

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Brewed By

Ursula Brewery
Aurora, CO USA



User Ratings

At 5:33 pm, jeskapossum rated this stout:
"Super peanut buttery goodness"
At 5:20 pm, vsavvy rated this stout:
"Pleasantly surprised! Not as sweet as I would have expected, but the PB smell is incredible for those who love sweets. "
At 8:57 am, dubbycat rated this stout:
"The ABV will sneak up on you. Easy drinking with super subtle peanut butter flavor... didn't even notice it until catching the buckeye reference.O-H!..."
At 1:44 pm, denverdude67 rated this stout:
"This is smoothy and boozy. Not enough O's in smoooooooth to describe this. Plus you can actually taste and feel the PB on the palate. Worth trying."
At 1:42 pm, jlmcgirk18 rated this stout:
"Wow, peanut butter boozy deliciousness! Lots of heady aroma, alcohol flavor, simple finish. "
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