Casual Friday Stout (2) 3.31

The Mountain Sun // Boulder, CO ABV: 3.9%

Our “Session” Stout has light notes of coffee and chocolate balanced by American hops, making this beer flavorful while still being lighter-bodied and refreshing. Weighing in at only 3.9% ABV, this beer allows you to enjoy a few and turn any day into a “Casual Friday.”

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Brewed By

The Mountain Sun

The Mountain Sun
Boulder, CO USA


Malts2-Row, Brown Malt, Carafa Special III, CaraMunich II, Dark Munich, Pale Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley
HopsCrystal, Horizon, Simcoe
AdjunctsLactose (Milk Sugar)


User Ratings

At 5:10 pm, jeskapossum rated this stout:
"Love how smooth and simple this stout is! The name describes it perfectly... Very casual. "
At 9:37 am, watermelonkid rated this stout:
"On nitro to boot. A great stout to start with to get the juices flowin'."
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