Blucifer (1) 2.83

Odd13 Brewing // Lafayette, CO ABV: 4.0%

Blucifer is a kettle-soured stout, acidified with Lactobacillus and fermented with a fruit-forward blend of Brettanomyces. It is then aged on raspberries for crazy fruit flavor. Contains lactose.

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Brewed By

Odd13 Brewing

Odd13 Brewing
Lafayette, CO USA


AdjunctsLactobacillus, Raspberries

User Ratings

On February 9, 2018, dubbycat rated this stout:
"Blucifer snuck up on me - much like when the artist of Blucifer was killed. Easily one of the most unique “stouts” I’ve had during any of the Stout Months. Brettanomyces, raspberries and lactose make for an extremely light and creative sour stout. I don’t know how to rate this on the same scale, so just rating as it’s own thing."
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